ETEC Reflections: Week 1

I really liked the Rheingold reading about technological enclosure and openness that we covered for this week. In my contribution to the discussion, I wrote about how openness is essential to further development in the field of technology. I am excited that technological openness is available so that those interested in advancing the technology world have somewhat of a template to work with and expand on for future breakthrough. In the best 5 years we have witnessed so much innovation come about, technologies have been created and enhanced to make life easier for all of us. I feel lucky to be alive in a time of technological renaissance where I am witnessing the early stages of creation. Being a member of the ETEC 642 course is also a pleasure, there are so many minds interested in a similar area of study, and each individual has their own background knowledge and experiences with modern technologies from which we all can teach and learn from. The future is in front of us all, and we are in a position to take it by reins.


One thought on “ETEC Reflections: Week 1

  1. Hi, Kellen! I agree with your statement. It seems like the more we close, the less we can learn or at least share in the knowledge that is put out there. In areas where there is a lot of sharing, we can see the most development. Collaboration is often key to great innovations! Thanks for sharing!

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