ETEC Reflections: Week 3

I have never been a big Twitter user. I always figured, I am on Facebook and check that daily to see what my peers and family members are up to. I will also post now and then about current events, a story, words of encouragement, or even respond to the posts made by “friends”.  Twitter always seemed like a social media outlet to use if someone did not care for Facebook, despite how many people I know do use both.

Reading the course text as well as participating in the weekly Blackboard Collaborate meetings, I have begun to change my views of Twitter for the better. There are a lot of features and possibilities surrounding Twitter that are appealing to the education world, and which should not be ignored. After completing the assigned reading for the week, I was drawn to the section containing reasons why the author likes to Twitter. My peers and I had to do write a discussion about one of the listed reasons that caught our eye, but looking back I see another that resonates more with me.

Forming Community:

I liken the Twitter experience to being in your favorite barbershop, for women this could be a beauty shop, where there is non stop discussion about anything and everything that is important and of interest to you. In the midst of all the chatter are headlining updates popping up telling you about special deals and prices going on through your favorite places of business. Everything that you could want is right there at your fingertips, your world brought to you 140 words at a time.


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