ETEC Reflections: Week 3 Part 2 (Peer Chatter)

I was reading through a reflection posted by Youssef, found here, where he wrote about  the reading from our course text discussing Twitter. The point that caught my eye was about how social media can have so much influence on millions of citizens. Important events occur all the time and as soon as word hits social media news feeds, everyone using social media has the ability voice their opinion. What I worry about here is that individuals sway their opinion based on what might be popular amongst their friends or the masses of people. They do not make an effort to gather facts for themselves but rather just believe what is popular opinion. I hope that more people use social media as a tool to keep up with what occurs around the world but that they do so with an informed perspective.

On a follow up note, I remember during my Senior year of high school one of my teachers spoke about voting in elections (at the time the Presidential election was to occur the following year, 2008). A point that really stood out to me was that if you are not going to do your research and inform yourself about the candidates, it would be best not to vote at all. Going into 2008 and 2012, I took that advice to knowledge and made sure to learn before making my choice. We need to do that before voicing ourselves on social media as well.


One thought on “ETEC Reflections: Week 3 Part 2 (Peer Chatter)

  1. 808bigisle says:

    Twitter is a social media beauty parlor! That is very good. You could make an entire comedy routine around that. I do find myself revealing things I would never talk about otherwise while I’m getting my hair shampooed, cut and blow dried. Probably similar to what I would do on Twitter if I finally figured out its use in my life. I haven’t quite gotten there yet and even had a bit of a crisis moment when I attempted to tweet for the very first time and was not seeing it posted. I went back to some YouTube training videos and wrote to Tim to ask for help just to make sure that I was doing it correctly. Heaven forbid I get a bad haircut — scratch that — a bad tweet and look like a fool. I guess I need a bit more twit-literacy and practice.

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