Peer Bloggers #2

First off I want to say that the name for Tuyet’s blog, Tuyet’s Tinkering is quite original. I thought it was a very cool name to give the blog. 

My eyes caught her post called “Teaming 101”.(  Here she discusses the chapter 4 reading from the text about Himmelman’s Taxonomy. In the 3rd paragraph she touches on how for group projects in the ETEC 642 course, the opportunities to work with peers has been delegated to a “coordination” level.  A point made that I have also thought about over the past 6 weeks is that it would be nice to have been able to take this course over a semesters time. As Tuyet mentioned, the 6 weeks is too fast of a time frame to build up relationships amongst peers. With more time to work with, I could see us reaching higher levels of Himmelman’s Taxonomy such as Collaboration. 

On another side note, I liked how she took a paragraph to briefly touch on the important points of the reading (in this case, touch on each level of Himmelman’s Taxonomy). This way someone who came across the blog  who did not take the ETEC 642 course could have an understanding of what is being discussed.


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