Peer Bloggers

Reid made a posting about participating in the world of social media. ( He looks at social media in terms of its beneficial and more negative qualities. I was most drawn to this posting because parts of it reminded me of my own thinking on such matters. The piece Reid wrote about a negative to social media being that it opens up opportunity to cyber bullying was one such piece that caught my attention. I feel that life online needs to have rules and regulations for users, especially younger users. It is so sad to hear about stories like the one where Reid mentioned that a young girl committed suicide due to being bullied. I don’t know if there will ever be an all commanding grasp of online regulation where instances of cyber bullying or threats can totally be stopped,  but I can see better teaching and implementation of preventive measures to limit how much these actions occur. I like how over the last few years, movements have been in place to  make more people aware of what is going on.  This needs to continue.


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