ETEC Reflections: Week 2 (Web Tools & Social Movements)

The team assignment for this week allows us to focus on a recent movement/event/cause, and how social media outlets have played a role keeping the public informed with every detail surrounding said movement/event/cause.

It’s quite interesting to look at how we as the public take in stories from the news in our digital world of social networking and up to the second news flashes. I remember the day the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred, and how I logged onto my Facebook account when I got up in the morning and all I saw on the screen were posts saying “God Bless Boston”, “Boston Strong”, or “Pray For Boston”. Not knowing why the majority of people linked to my social network were posting about Boston, I was encouraged to turn on the TV to see what was going on on East Coast. When a tragedy like the bombing in Boston happens, it is amazing how we as people are able to bond by sharing news and informing all who are in our networks. I like how this can all be done at rapid speeds, reaching all over the world.



ETEC Reflections: Week 1

I really liked the Rheingold reading about technological enclosure and openness that we covered for this week. In my contribution to the discussion, I wrote about how openness is essential to further development in the field of technology. I am excited that technological openness is available so that those interested in advancing the technology world have somewhat of a template to work with and expand on for future breakthrough. In the best 5 years we have witnessed so much innovation come about, technologies have been created and enhanced to make life easier for all of us. I feel lucky to be alive in a time of technological renaissance where I am witnessing the early stages of creation. Being a member of the ETEC 642 course is also a pleasure, there are so many minds interested in a similar area of study, and each individual has their own background knowledge and experiences with modern technologies from which we all can teach and learn from. The future is in front of us all, and we are in a position to take it by reins.


About Me

Aloha all,

My name is Kellen Rey. I grew up in Sonoma Valley, California, but have lived on Oahu for 6 years now.
I am a 2nd year ETEC Student at UH Manoa. I also completed my Undergraduate at UH Manoa, at the end of the Spring 2012 semester in Family Resources. I am taking this course as a way to fulfill the elective requirement for the ETEC program. But I also have a genuine interest in social media outlets that are available to the public in this day and age. My own experience is to use such media solely for entertainment, but I would like to learn more about how educators and trainers have expanded this resource into the learning sector of life. I would like to learn about ideas that people envision for the future of education.

I am an avid sports fan, particularly professional baseball and football. I enjoy working out and exploring my surroundings. I hope to improve my culinary skills and take the opportunity to try the delicious dishes of the world.

I look forward to taking this ETEC 642 course with you all, learning and growing as individuals in togetherness.